Funds from the State

Some foundations get funding from their state government to distribute, via grants, through their area. The state guidelines provide the categories for the foundation to fund. Foundations in high populated areas can usually fund most of the categories and meet the state’s guidelines. Smaller foundations or those in a limited population area may fund only[…]

Linking Short Stories Together in a Novel

I self-published one book of short stories and will soon self-publish another. My biggest issue I had was what order to put my stories in. Over the years, I wrote almost fifty short stories. Since I am writing novels now (at least for the time being), I wanted to do something with my stories. I[…]

Creative Writing Advice *

A lot of people give advice on the craft of writing. I am guilty of this, too (as you can see by this blog post). With so much advice going around, some of it becomes contradictory. What is correct? ** My thoughts are that advice is based on the experience and education of the person[…]

Update on Two Recent Blogs About Grant Writing

One recent blog was about crowdfunding and nonprofits. A grant I wrote required the nonprofit and project members to advertise, through their contacts, for donations on the foundation’s crowdfunding website. The advertisement did not happen. Too late, I tried to get everyone involved. Most of the members could not or did not want to get[…]

Newsletters and Writing

Newsletters are all the rage now. It used to be blogging and they are still around (I like reading blogs). Podcasts are also big, which are very much like old radio shows prior to TV. Except podcasts require equipment, technology know-how, and an extrovert personality. All of these are designed to connect the author with[…]

Crowdfunding and Nonprofits

Involving a nonprofit in a crowdfunding* event is a test of cooperation among the members. A foundation recently approved a grant request I wrote. It involved a competition among nonprofits through a crowdfunding process. This is a new type of grant process where a nonprofit getting the most donations gets a bonus and a chance[…]

New Things

As you can see, I have a new website and a new book. New things to energize my writing career. Or to kick-start it with energy. Or to keep it from dying. Getting people to read what I published is difficult. Well, almost impossible. I would think that out of almost eight billion people, one[…]

The Future is More Important than the Past

Foundations invest in nonprofits wanting their future investments to be as sure as possible. Therefore, a grant writer should limit their discussion about past successes in an application. It is more important to focus on future progress. Progress can start in the past by explaining recent accomplishments, keeping the explanation brief enough to draw a[…]

Self-Publishing, Part 2

I finally self-published my second book Evidence of a Commuter Train. I just went ahead and did it. It took me about an hour and a half to upload my book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) (print and ebook), IngramSpark (IS) (print), Kobo (ebook), Draft 2 Digital (D2) (ebook), and Google Play (ebook). It[…]

Crossing the Self-Publishing Threshold

Soon I will self-publish my second book (I should have done it already). I finished the editing, cover, and formatting. I have one obstacle left—myself. I find it stressful to upload my book for publication. To me it is the hardest part of the whole self-publishing process. Even harder than marketing. I am going public[…]

Is It Possible to Get Too Much Money?

In recent news, MacKenzie Scott donated billions of dollars to about 400 nonprofit groups. I worry about those nonprofits. According to the news, the nonprofits did not ask for the funding, but were selected by a team working for Scott. When I worked for the U.S. Defense Department, for political reasons Congress would give small[…]

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