Self-Publish or Bust

After several months attempting to self-publish, I hired someone to do the interior formatting and another person to do the cover. While some authors hire someone to also do the uploads, I wanted to do this and control something of the process. Of course, my first attempts to upload the files failed. This is when[…]

What readers look for first in a book

The aim of publishing is to get someone to read what is published. The author will not know the reader, so what can they do to motivate someone to look at their book? People in the publishing business say the cover is what attracts readers first. I disagree. For many years I conducted an informal,[…]

Cover Problems, Again

I attempted to upload my novel to IngramSparks so I would have a wider distribution for my novel High School Rocket Science (For Extraterrestrial Use Only). That meant my book would be available to other markets outside of Amazon. I had one success. With my KDP version, I had line spacing of 1.5 inches and[…]

Pushing Toward Publication, Again

My blog post from two weeks ago exclaimed I would, “. . . work on uploading a new book size and cover into IngramSparks publishing.” My plan was to blog about this experience. I did work on a new book size, but it was a pitiful amount of effort. My excuse I gave myself: I[…]

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