Online Grant Applications

I find online applications can be intimidating. Not because they are online, but because the foundation uses another business to manage the submissions. While the foundation provides the criteria, the generic online software is the same whether it supports an animal shelter or a soup kitchen.

Also, there are usually more questions to answer in an online application. And, some of these questions can be confusing. Such as “Performance Measurements Logic Model.” I wonder how many of these answers are read.

Mostly, online grant applications are intimidating because of the way the categories and questions are displayed. When applying for a grant online, I find it easier to ignore the categories and go methodically through the application by concentrating on what is needed in the grant request.

As I do this, I copy the questions and lists of data required into a Word document or other word processing software. This gives me the flexibility to answer everything offline and send draft answers to other people for critiquing.

I answer each question one at a time. I do not pay attention to how many more questions are left, I just move on from one to the next. Like taking one step at a time. In the end, providing the list of data is just uploading documents such as annual budgets, audits, and the board of directors.

The various headings and categories in an online application can be unfamiliar and a challenge to a grant writer. Yet, all grant requests have the same important categories: budget (project and organization), a description of the nonprofit, and what is needed.

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