Why Write

Sometimes I think I take a break from writing and zone out by giving in to some electronic device or the TV. I do nothing extraordinary for writing. This lasts just a short time and I am energized to write again. Or, maybe I was just lazy.

What is the desire to write? This has plagued writers for millennium and they have written about it trying to understand their motivation. Some believe it is their ego calling out to be heard. I think that when I am writing Iā€™m trying to tell myself something. Apparently, I am not listening to myself since I continue to write.

Some people become intimidated by their writing. They cannot believe they wrote that well and maybe they will not again. The fear of never producing something readable can be intimidating. Yet, the bigger fear is that no one will read what is written.

Fears aside, when I write I look for something different. A need to explore an alternative place in time and space that breaths without movement. A world in a universe with alien purpose. This is why I try not to write in the simple genres.

I like exploring the universe(s) without boundaries. As long as what I write is readable to someone.

So, when I take a break from writing, I am not really taking a break. I am only taking a breath in my mind and realizing that what I wrote needs editing so it would be readable.

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