My Progress in Self-Publishing – The Book Cover

There are many blogs about writers trying to self-publish. Unfortunately, this is another one. And, this is the worst kind of blog post — one where the self-publishing effort is in-progress.

I’ll start with after my book has been edited to the point where I felt it could be read without too much wincing by the reader. My plan is to “go wide” meaning I will not be exclusive to any one platform (i.e. KDP Select). So, the first place I went to publish my book was KDP.

I learned how to format the inside of the book and had no problems with the upload. I could feel the tingle of excitement to be a published author. I felt the dread that strangers would read something I wrote. Yet, all my in-progress slammed to a halt when I attempted the book cover for the print edition.

I hate the book covers in my genre. Everything is dark with reds and greens. My novel has humor and satire and is optimistic. I want my cover to be bright and the designers I found disagreed with me. So, I designed the front and back covers separately using MS Publisher.

However, I do not have the software nor expertise to design book covers and I knew my design needed more attention. I tried to find a book designer again. I am still looking.

While looking, I started learning the software to design a book cover. This is my novel and I am paying the designer. Why can’t there be a compromise?

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