Grant Updates

This is an update on two grant projects I recently blogged about.

The first, “Getting Emergency Grant Money” involved a nonprofit that was renovating an historic building and experienced a sudden problem. Work stopped for two weeks while experts evaluated the situation and permissions were renewed. During this time, the nonprofit contacted a local foundation for additional money.

The nonprofit had a long relationship with this foundation. After getting information from the experts and permission givers, we presented a way out of the problem. This was key to winning the confidence of the foundation members. While the amount of money is still to be set, the foundation will contribute as part of an out-of-cycle grant. Help is on the way.

All nonprofits need a foundation they can go to in emergencies because there will always be an emergency. However, these relationships should be nurtured when there are no emergencies. Get to know each other when it is not necessary to do so. (See my previous posts about relationships.)

I also recently blogged “PowerPoint for Money” about developing a short presentation explaining a nonprofit’s project. Nonprofit managers can then give the presentation to people with influence over a business or a foundation.

Recently, a nonprofit member gave our presentation to a local politician. The politician had influence with a foundation that generally did not support the nonprofit’s mission area. The verdict is still out, but things look hopeful. At least the presentation started a relationship.

One of the many jobs for grant writers is helping nonprofits develop multiple and diverse ways to get resources. Many times, this requires creativity. The more different ways to receive resources, the better prepared a nonprofit will be to meet emergencies. As Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

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