Writing Something Different

After publishing my novel, I went back to writing short stories for a brief time. I’m doing this to help my creativity.

Writing a novel takes most people a long time. During this time, the writer can become immersed in the story, plot, and characters. Also, many writers go on to the next novel that is a sequel to what they just finished. This is all good, but I found it useful to get involved in other creative stuff that is different from what I had been working on.

A long time ago in the pre-self-publishing era, the way to be recognized by an agent was to publish short stories. This built up the author’s resume that supposedly impressed people in the publishing industry. Now, “likes” and followers are more important. Yet, writing short stories has many benefits.

It’s a good exercise that forces the writer to get to the point and make each word count. Much like writing a scene in a novel, except the short story has a beginning, middle, and end.

On the other side, if a writer goes for short stories all the time, there should be a novel in one of them. Also, if a writer writes essays all the time, why not publish a nonfiction book and vice versa? I find another different way to be creative is writing grants.

If your writing seems in a rut, write in a different style, genre, or just anything than what you are writing.

I think creativity needs diversity. The writer needs to write other things than the same thing.

Don’t you agree?

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