Changes in the Nonprofit – Be Positive

Grant writers, like myself, may not be part of the nonprofit’s staff or on the board. Therefore, it is important for grant writers to keep up on significant changes to the staff or board members who can create changes to grants already submitted.

I put a lot of time and work into submitting grants. It is frustrating after a grant is submitted that the nonprofit makes changes that disqualifies them from the submitted grant. The nonprofit does not change their mission, but they change how they qualified for the grant.

It is more important for grant writers to know that changes will happen. And not to prevent the change, but to inform the decision makers what the impact of their change will be.

Then move on. There will be changes, people will come and go, and other grants will need to be written that helps the nonprofit.


I changed the tone of this blog from a negative to a positive (at least I hope that’s how it reads). It’s always important to be positive when writing grants. I think most anything can be written in a positive way, despite the disaster(s) being written about.

Because many people don’t want to read negative things. There is enough of that in the news and social media. Negative words make people think negatively about the nonprofit. Besides, why not be positive?

It is hard sometimes with the negative world. I find it possible to be more positive by thinking of toys. Buy some and have them nearby. They can provide energy and play when you need some.

What toys do you have?

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