The Written Word is Read by Someone

Writing is the act of communicating thoughts into words of meaning. When written, someone somewhere will read the words.

To some writers, this could be scary. Even if the reader is only the writer, such as in a diary. They may hold back from writing what they wanted to write. I do not know of any solution other than to push back the scariness by taking one step at a time and try not to fall. If you tumble down the stairs, start climbing again. The stairs aren’t going anywhere.

For other writers it is exciting that an unknown number of people will read what they thought. Whereas before the writer holds back, the excited writer holds nothing back. Sometimes, not everything needs to be published.

I find it important to understand that a writer, like myself, can be scared of their words and at other times excited. Maybe more of one than the other. In either case, I will write and develop my thoughts into words of meaning. Then they can be read by someone somewhere.

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