Reading and Writing, Input and Output

Some educators believe we learn first to read and understand language even if it is only looking at pictures. This is input. Once we understand the reading world, we graduate to writing, which is the output. Of course, this could be wrong. Some educators believe we learn to write before reading (look up Maria Montessori).[…]

That old argument: Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

  I had another blog planned. However, I’ve been listening to self-publishing podcasts and traditional publishing came up as it usually does. I think there is merit in both and some people agree since there are hybrid publishing systems combining the two. However, the biggest advantage to self-publishing is that a well written book has[…]

Six rules I use to find a book to read

There are a lot of books I want to read that get lost in the many books I don’t want to read. So, I came up with six rules to help me sort through all these books and pick the right one (hopefully). Ignoring book covers In Brenda Ueland’s 1938 book If You Want to[…]

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