The End

This is my last blog. It is also my 200th blog. I have found no readers. Since February 2018, there have been no comments on any of my blog posts. Google explained I sometimes had clicks on my website, but very few. Maybe they were accidents. Or extraterrestrials. Or ghosts. I’d like to think Big[…]

Grants are a Competition for Limited Funding

There is a finite amount of money in a foundation and always more people asking for money than there is to give. Many grant writers and nonprofit people do not fully realize when a nonprofit gets money, someone else does not. Foundation members must determine from the stack of grant applications which are the best[…]

If you write, you do not have to publish

It is not necessary that every writer be published. Sometimes writers write because they enjoy it. Society puts pressure on writers to publish and become a professional author. Non-writers think all that writing should go into some printed material, but that does not need to be the writer’s goal. Some people like to jog or[…]

Get Organized

It is almost pointless to write grants for a nonprofit who is disorganized. It may seem unnecessary to a grant writer how organized a nonprofit is, but I discovered it is easier to know what to write when I understand the needs, assets, and liabilities. The nonprofit does not have to be completely organized, some[…]

A Project’s Schedule

A schedule is a plan for accomplishing a series of events during a period of time. Foundations like a schedule. When they invest, like all investors, they are looking at completion or progress within a nonprofit in a reasonable amount of time. A schedule is not only the future, but the past. There should be[…]

Reading and Writing, Input and Output

Some educators believe we learn first to read and understand language even if it is only looking at pictures. This is input. Once we understand the reading world, we graduate to writing, which is the output. Of course, this could be wrong. Some educators believe we learn to write before reading (look up Maria Montessori).[…]

We’re All A Team

One of the most important parts of grant writing is locating funds. Many times, it is the grant writer doing all the research to find grant opportunities, but I believe it should be a team effort with the nonprofit managers and staff involved. There are many opportunities for grant funding and getting donations. But a[…]

Does a Critique Group Make You Feel Like Writing?

I have been in a critique group for several years. The coordinator and I have stayed with other people coming and going. She is determined not to end the critique group, so I’m determined not to quit it. Before each meeting, we email each other our stories (we are not poets). So at the meeting,[…]

Two Grant Topics

A Nonprofit’s NewsletterA newsletter is a few pages of the latest information about a nonprofit. It provides an update on what is happening with the nonprofit and their mission. It does not take the place of a grant report nor a means to solicit funding. A newsletter is an update about what is happening with[…]

Showing Emotion

I’m more of a data and information person in a grant application. Since applications restrict the number of words, I focus on only putting in the facts. I refrain from adding emotion. However, this is wrong. There needs to be some emotion (not drama) in a grant application. Some passion to impress the foundation members[…]

My Writing Group

In the fall of 2018, I reluctantly became president of a small writer’s group that is a nonprofit and incorporated. The group has been around for over thirty years. My term was up in the spring of 2020. Regardless of COVID, I was not finding a replacement. Today I am still president looking for a[…]

When a Nonprofit Lacks Volunteers

A nonprofit I’ve been working with had their board members resign for personal reasons. They were past their terms and had not found any volunteers to take over. There are still nonprofit members, just no board members. This is a problem with nonprofits that are volunteer based—it is hard to find people to be on[…]

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