My Writing Group

My Writing Group

In the fall of 2018, I reluctantly became president of a small writer’s group that is a nonprofit and incorporated. The group has been around for over thirty years.

My term was up in the spring of 2020. Regardless of COVID, I was not finding a replacement. Today I am still president looking for a replacement. Not only have I not found a replacement, I cannot find any volunteers to help. There are members who paid dues for another year, but they will only attend functions.

I had two choices—shut down the group or continue operations until I find new members who will help. After a long debate with myself, I decided to give the group another year.

I am an amateur with all of this. I contacted some state-wide writing organizations, but they are struggling, too. The local art council has their own issues. So, I contacted the local community college and eventually found someone to help me set up a public event to attract volunteers.

The simplest event I could come up with is an open mic where writers have five minutes to read their work. Attendance was restricted due to COVID, but that was not a problem since few people signed up.

I hope to win over more of the college’s alumni and hold bigger events next year with speakers that will attract students. I have other ideas for the group besides events, such as a contest and an anthology, yet everything depends on volunteers.

It will be disappointing if I cannot find any. But I’m hopeful.

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