Newsletters and Writing

Newsletters are all the rage now. It used to be blogging and they are still around (I like reading blogs). Podcasts are also big, which are very much like old radio shows prior to TV. Except podcasts require equipment, technology know-how, and an extrovert personality.

All of these are designed to connect the author with readers through a common interest. In some cases, newsletters and podcasts can develop into an income stream (blogs used to be).

I have been doing monthly newsletters for several years.* One I receive input, edit, and make everything pretty. Another I receive input, do a lot more editing (mostly rewriting), and make everything pretty. A third newsletter I write, edit, and publish hoping it is pretty. Each of these newsletters are for a limited audience. With my new website, I plan to launch a public newsletter.

My newsletter will not be my blog. I want the newsletter to provide more information. I want it to help me connect writers, authors, and readers. Despite my introverted nervousness about doing this.

Connecting is not about selling something, so I will not mention my books. I hope to provide encouragement for other people, which is a bit of my ego writing this.

There are a lot of newsletters in the world. I will send mine through an email list collected off this website. So, if you happen on this blog and you would like to read my newsletter, please sign up. It’s free.

* A podcast is too much to think about in this lifetime.

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