The Time To Write

The Time To Write

Many authors talk about what the best time it is for them to write and create. Much of this depends on families and jobs, whether the person is a morning or evening person, health, and other issues such as whether they need quiet or noise.

When I commuted to the Pentagon, I did a lot of my writing on the evening train. It wasn’t that I was an evening person, just that if I overslept in the morning and missed my stop I could take the Metro to work. In the evening if I missed my stop I had to call my wife to pick me up. It was more important to stay awake in the evening.

When I commuted, I wrote at home early in the morning before catching the train. At home I squeezed in writing time before bed. My commuting helped frame my writing time.

When I stopped commuting and working, I struggled with the best time to write. Is it possible to adjust writing time to fit a schedule?

I don’t know. It’s up to the writer.

I eventually settled on spending my mornings with walking, chores, running errands, or doing volunteer stuff. After an early afternoon nap, I found I am more creative once all the things I need to do were out of my head.

Finding the time to write doesn’t have to be at the same place and time each day. For some writers, all they need is a notebook to make notes or their smartphone to edit a document online when they have the time. I have done this, too, when waiting for my wife to finish shopping.

Finding the time to write is a personal choice. The only thing that matters is writing.

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