Two Grant Topics

Two Grant Topics

A Nonprofit’s Newsletter
A newsletter is a few pages of the latest information about a nonprofit. It provides an update on what is happening with the nonprofit and their mission. It does not take the place of a grant report nor a means to solicit funding. A newsletter is an update about what is happening with the operations of the nonprofit. It should be positive.

Nowadays, a newsletter is a popular way to keep people informed. Every nonprofit should have one and distribute to foundations who provided funding (while making it easy to unsubscribe). There are numerous programs that manage newsletter distributions. But the nonprofit has to write it.

In the newsletter, always include pictures of people smiling or at least not unhappy. Tell stories of success. Let people who gave money know their money along with others accomplished goals. They will likely be encouraged to give again.

Consistency when submitting again
Sometimes, a nonprofit can submit to the same foundation each year and receive funding. When doing so, always read the previous years’ applications. The grant writer should explain any changes from past submissions, such as the cost of goods rising. It is important to link each application together, like following a road.

As an example, if the applications were laid side by side, the foundation members should be able to easily follow changes to the present time like an arrow. This is most important in the budget and projected expenses.

Consistency is always important. Things can change, but if they do there should be some path from the past to the present and into the future.

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