Update on Two Recent Blogs About Grant Writing

One recent blog was about crowdfunding and nonprofits. A grant I wrote required the nonprofit and project members to advertise, through their contacts, for donations on the foundation’s crowdfunding website. The advertisement did not happen. Too late, I tried to get everyone involved. Most of the members could not or did not want to get involved, despite it being their project.

At least now I know not to attempt crowdfunding ventures. These require coordination and cooperation. I also realize there is a lack of coordination and leadership in the nonprofit.

Another blog post was about working with other grant writers. I convinced the nonprofit and project members to pay for a grant writer I recommended. The person had connections with a foundation I did not have. However, the grant writer preferred to work alone, which I don’t understand since we are on the same project and I recommended the person.

Working with a nonprofit for years is an evolving relationship. I don’t mind evolving as long as we stay as a team. With this nonprofit, it is becoming less of a team due to different priorities and goals. It has made me rethink my involvement with the project.

There are many opportunities for grant funding and getting donations. But a nonprofit with a lack of coordination and team effort misses many of these chances at funding. It makes getting grant funding difficult.

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