We’re All A Team

We\'re All A Team

One of the most important parts of grant writing is locating funds. Many times, it is the grant writer doing all the research to find grant opportunities, but I believe it should be a team effort with the nonprofit managers and staff involved.

There are many opportunities for grant funding and getting donations. But a nonprofit with a lack of coordination and team effort misses many of these chances. They make finding grant funding difficult.

Everyone should be on the lookout for funding. It is an endless task, but if everyone is involved and works together it does not seem like a never ending race.

Some grant writers resent this team effort. People send them foundation names to research that turns out to be nothing. I have experienced this and do not resent it. Researching a foundation does not take long and if I can find one out of ten that work, it was worth it.

Professional grant writers can find foundations to submit to. However, nonprofit managers and staff might know more, based on their contacts, about who could give a grant. Such as a private foundation member volunteering at the nonprofit.

It is the responsibility of the nonprofit manager to encourage this team approach. I have tried it as a grant writer and people think I will take credit for finding a foundation they proposed. Of course, I would always give credit to whoever found the foundation. Actually, I’m not concerned with getting credit for anything. However, sometimes it is hard for people to see this.

I envision nonprofit people sitting with a grant writer(s), all working together on funding the mission. It shouldn’t be this hard.

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