Crossing the Self-Publishing Threshold

Soon I will self-publish my second book (I should have done it already). I finished the editing, cover, and formatting. I have one obstacle left—myself.

I find it stressful to upload my book for publication. To me it is the hardest part of the whole self-publishing process. Even harder than marketing. I am going public and exposing myself to strangers. A scary thing.

Many authors find it exciting to put their book up for sale. They have launch parties and public announcements on social media. They plan podcast speaking engagements and sale promotions. Yet to me, posting my book for everyone to read is a threshold to overcome, like trying to open a stuck door.

While I enjoy the writing and getting the book ready for publishing, I stop before uploading my book. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m worried that people will think my book is crap. Of course, I went through all this with my first book last May. I had the same thoughts and I wonder if I’m doomed to repeat these feelings with each publication. But last May I was determined to publish and I did. And I will publish this second book, too.

I will overcome my hesitancy and anxiety because, once the book is out there, I feel I have accomplished something. I have not quit and I am continuing this writing journey.

So, after this blog post I will publish. Maybe on my second glass of wine.

Postscript: I am fortunate to live in a country where I can self-publish easily. There are so many people in other places who are better writers than myself, yet do not have the means to self-publish. I don’t know how to change this. I hope they keep trying.

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