If you write, you do not have to publish

It is not necessary that every writer be published. Sometimes writers write because they enjoy it. Society puts pressure on writers to publish and become a professional author. Non-writers think all that writing should go into some printed material, but that does not need to be the writer’s goal. Some people like to jog or[…]

New Things

As you can see, I have a new website and a new book. New things to energize my writing career. Or to kick-start it with energy. Or to keep it from dying. Getting people to read what I published is difficult. Well, almost impossible. I would think that out of almost eight billion people, one[…]

Self-Publishing, Part 2

I finally self-published my second book Evidence of a Commuter Train. I just went ahead and did it. It took me about an hour and a half to upload my book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) (print and ebook), IngramSpark (IS) (print), Kobo (ebook), Draft 2 Digital (D2) (ebook), and Google Play (ebook). It[…]

Crossing the Self-Publishing Threshold

Soon I will self-publish my second book (I should have done it already). I finished the editing, cover, and formatting. I have one obstacle left—myself. I find it stressful to upload my book for publication. To me it is the hardest part of the whole self-publishing process. Even harder than marketing. I am going public[…]

Self-Publishing—Is It a Career?

I will publish my second novel at the end of this month. I plan to publish a third by the end of October and more next year. Have I established a self-publishing career? A few authors call their self-publishing endeavors a career by diversifying their creativity and making a livable income. Along with publishing books,[…]

Opening the Self-Publishing Door

I’m about to self-publish another book. They are short stories about commuting on a train, which I did going to the Pentagon for over 25 years. After my first book last year, I learned some things. Last time, I designed my cover and it was not good. So, I had someone else design the cover,[…]

Publish What You Write

Many people write stories, memoirs, essays, poems, or other work that could be published. Yet, for various reasons they never publish their work. I think every writer should consider publishing what they wrote and making it available for someone to read. Today, self-publishing a print book* can be done online or through a local printer[…]

2021 Creative Writing Goals

I’m setting writing goals this year. Something I haven’t done before. Usually, I fumble along until I surprise myself with some accomplishment. Now I have my first book published and I formed a limited liability company (LLC) for my writing. So, I thought I should be more organized. My first goal is to put more[…]

My Limited Liability Company

In February 2019, I posted my reasons for not forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). At the time I thought it would have added more complications to an already complicated self-publishing route I was taking. Now that I’ve self-published my first book with plans to publish others, I decided an LLC might help with marketing[…]

My First Book Signing

A few Saturdays ago, I had my first book signing at a local bookstore. A podcast I previously heard had advised that authors at a signing event should not stand next to their books. People will more likely browse the book without the author there. This did not help. Whether I stood by my book[…]

Three Phases of the Self-Published Book

So as not to leave anyone in suspense, the three phases are: (1) writing a book, (2) publishing it, and (3) marketing. I discovered (like everyone else) that each phase requires vastly different expertise. Also, each expertise can be used only for that phase which makes things even more troublesome. What I learned from writing[…]

Self-Published Print Book and Booksellers

Things are simple for self-published ebooks. The author sets the price and the publishing company takes their share. For print, the author must choose what discount to give booksellers (30-55%) and whether to allow returns or not. If allowing returns, the bookseller can send books back for a refund. The author pays the refund. What[…]

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