If you write, you do not have to publish

If you write, you do not have to publish

It is not necessary that every writer be published. Sometimes writers write because they enjoy it.

Society puts pressure on writers to publish and become a professional author. Non-writers think all that writing should go into some printed material, but that does not need to be the writer’s goal.

Some people like to jog or swim and do not enter races to compete. They enjoy the activity because it makes them feel good. Writing can be like that. It can be an activity to enjoy without competing in the publishing world.

Besides, publishing is stressful. Will anyone read it? How will your writing hold up to strangers’ reviews? Who cares if you are a writer trying to be an author? There is imposter syndrome where writers question if they are deserving to be published. Then there is the business side of publishing that includes marketing. I know from experience that marketing is not easy.

Writing is much easier than publishing. All you have to do is write your stories, essays, or poems and forget that a reader is hiding in the shadows, waiting to criticize or a publisher to reject you.

People do a lot of things without going professional. They do it because they like it. If a writer enjoys writing and never wants to be a published author, they should enjoy what they want to be. Forget about opinions and what-should-be. Keep writing and enjoy.

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