New Things

As you can see, I have a new website and a new book. New things to energize my writing career. Or to kick-start it with energy. Or to keep it from dying.

Getting people to read what I published is difficult. Well, almost impossible. I would think that out of almost eight billion people, one person would buy one of my books. And a few people have. But it is a struggle.

It’s about marketing, which I’m trying to do with this new website and a second book. I’m trying to get someone to read what I wrote whether it’s my books or this blog or something else I may write.

My goal is not to make money or start a career in writing (I’ve already had a career and one is enough for me). It’s to write something that one of the eight billion people would enjoy. And the reader doesn’t have to be now. It could be someone centuries in the future (or the past if a time machine is invented).

Before, I tried making my blog the attraction to my books. But after almost three and a half years with only a handful of readers, I’m changing attractions. I’m focusing more on my books.

As of now. I will continue this blog and offer a newsletter to anyone signing up. I’ve been doing newsletters about writing for other people and the newsletters are different from this blog. I take a unique viewpoint to fiction, nonfiction, and poetry writing. You would like them (me being egotistical and over confident).

I hope those handful of people who visited my blog will continue visiting my blog and website. I’m not sure what else is coming and where my writing will go. But here I am.

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