Publish What You Write

Many people write stories, memoirs, essays, poems, or other work that could be published. Yet, for various reasons they never publish their work. I think every writer should consider publishing what they wrote and making it available for someone to read.

Today, self-publishing a print book* can be done online or through a local printer with varying degrees of cost (they may be free to upload, but will cost to print).

For online printing, there are many companies providing a wide range of support from the writer doing everything to the company doing everything. The main benefit to online is that a reader, such as a family member, can purchase the book and have it delivered wherever they want.

The other way is through a local printer. Most everywhere has a graphic store producing signs and banners or a chain office-supply store, both of whom usually provide print services. This method is good if the writer wants a limited number of books and is concerned about their work being online.

What if the writing is not very good? I think that if the writer can understand it, they have told a story and a reader can be found. The two just need to meet.

With so many services, more writers should print their work in some form. Even a pamphlet will do. It will cost, but the value to the writer of holding something with their thoughts inside is worth it.

* This blog post is mostly about people who write for a specific audience, such as their family, who want something to hold. These writers are not interested in making a profit or even selling their work.

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